he Courts of Puerto Rico (state courts) are of general jurisdiction

This means that they hear cases and controversies of any kind, and save some exceptions, both under the laws of Puerto Rico, and the laws of the United States. Some of the types of cases heard by the state courts are related to general torts claims (“damages”, for example, as a result of professional malpractice, “slip and falls”, and traffic accidents), corporate issues, family and domestic support issues, wills and estates (probate), and criminal matters.

The judiciary of Puerto Rico is divided in three levels: Court of First Instance (which include the “municipal”, or magistrate courts), Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court.

Except for a limited number of matters, most cases are filed initially before the Court of First Instance, and work their way up to the Supreme Court, should a party desire to appeal any judgment, resolution, or certain orders issued by the lower courts.

Our attorneys count with plenty of experience in representing individuals and corporations in all kinds of cases before the state courts, at all levels. Most recently, we have focused on prosecuting medical-malpractice claims, as well as matters related to family law.

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