he United States District Courts (federal courts) are of limited jurisdiction
Federal courts hear civil cases and controversies that arise under a federal law. Alternatively, the court may hear cases under some state laws if there is “diversity of citizenship,” meaning that all the plaintiffs and defendants reside in different states or territories of the United States, and that plaintiffs have a claim of more than $75,000.00.

Among the most common civil cases filed before federal courts are claims that arise under federal civil rights laws, such as matters related to employment discrimination, violation of civil laws by state and municipal functionaries, and tort claims against the federal government.

Federal courts also hear cases brought against individuals and corporations for criminal violations of the laws of the United States.

We count with experience in effectively representing individuals
and corporations before federal courts.

Some highlights of our recent activities include:

  • Defending dozens of individuals in cases brought for criminal violations of federal immigration, anti-fraud, RICO, narcotics and firearms laws.
  • Successfully representing families in claims for compensation filed against the United States for torts under the Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA).
  • Represented individuals in employment discrimination and civil rights claims filed against corporations and municipal governments.
  • Defended individuals in claims filed by the United States under the Clean Water act.
  • Prosecuted collection claims on behalf of corporations.

Some of our main achievements include:

  •  A six-figure settlement with the Department of Veteran Affairs, after filing a complaint for medical malpractice against such agency;
  • A settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency which saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

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